Saturday, August 28, 2010

A day with the Nelson Girls

Today was a rainy day this morning.  We played a lot of playhouse and jumped on the trampoline.   We went for a stroller ride to the park and swang and played on the slides for a little while.  Grandma made some NUMMY bread for us to eat!  During naptime, the big people played games (Brett & Katie came over again to play).  Grandma fixed us all some good dinner and tonight we're going to go see Toy Story 3!  Oh boy!  There are currently some big dump trucks and machines putting new pavement on the road in front of our house.  Uncle Brett calls it "Fiscal irresponsibility".  Kiera and Lydia liked to sneak up on Aunt Katie and Uncle Brett sleeping in the bean bag chair and count and yell (1,2,3) "SURPRISE!".  Lydia got tired of waiting once so just snuck up on them and yelled "Three!"   We sure wish Emmy were here to play with.  And Buff.  And Dastrups.

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