Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Greetings from the Dastrups, but sorry, I am not a Dastrup!

Quiet. It is something that you appreciate more when you have children around. Right now, Jacob and Ty are in bed and Benjamin is having a "late night" (till 9pm) with a friend, Max.
Imagine! I can type this without any little helpful fingers contributing to this dialog!

I am happy to report that in spite of the forecast of rain in Moab today, that the Dastrups and Brett and Katie were able to do their Canyoneering adventure. It wasn't canceled. Some of you may not know what Canyoneering is. I leave it to the adventurers to post pictures (hopefully they were able to buy a water camera) to give you a better idea.

All's quiet on the Western front, but SOMETHING always seems to be a crisis when you return from a vacation. And this is no exception. The water turned on this morning early and made one setting change and was still going at about 6 pm. I tried to turn it off at the box in the garage,but that did nothing. Luckily Kim had come up to spend a couple of hours with the boys and I before he headed home to mow the grass, so he was able to open the valve box in the back and turn it off there. He thinks they have a broken silanoid (whatever that is). Or it may be something worse. So that won't be the best of news.
Ty is such a happy little thing, most of the time. At least until you won't let him do whatever it is that he NEEDS to do!!! Then you are in troubbbbllle! I predict that he will be a very fun personality and he will be the life of the party type.
Cut off from his old favorite, cars, Jacob spent the day (minus this morning when he was in school) watching the same veggie tales tape that is stuck in the VHS tv that he can operate, about a million times. Even when Gramps went down to play with him, he just still wanted to keep stopping the tape, rewinding it a million times, so that he could watch his favorite parts about 4 times in one minute. But he's happy, so that is good.
Benjamin and I had a hockey game last night after the other 2 went to bed. We were going to do that again tonight, but his friend Max broke one of the hockey sticks today. Need new ones.

Our trip this last weekend to our friends (Kirk's) cabin was fun and relaxing and we ate like pigs. Now, I have a lot of un-doing to do. :( But sometimes, it is just time to put away the restraints have have fun, as long as it isn't breaking some law that the Lord gives. And fun we had! ATV-ING eating and games, and an AWESOME sacrament meeting that the Scofield branch. I loved it!
Tomorrow, I shall go home when the real parents arrive here to take over, and clean up from the Scofield trek, and then Gramps and Benjamin are doing an all man camp up at the mtn on Friday.
That's about it folks!


Gramps said...

I'm not sorry you're not a Dastrup. I kind of like you as a Groneman. I really like you as a Groneman. The kids were cute to play with. Ty is a hoot. Benjamin was gone to his friend's house so I didn't get to see him more than a few minutes, but we'll have a nice camp out at the mountain this weekend.

Brett said...

And by the way, a big huge thanks for letting the Dastrups have some play time. It was lots of fun. I wish everyone could have joined us...

You're brave to be watching the kiddos for that long.