Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a week!

This year, for the first time,I bought the M-F Ed week. I always enjoy it, but Monday when I was in class I kept thinking about my daughters who are young mother's and how much more THEY needed to fill up their buckets than I do. So I decided to give the opportunity to them. Turns out that the Dastrups were able to go Monday as well, as Brighams mom was on same wavelength and had taken the kids so CK and Brigham could go. They loved it. I took Tues and tended for CK so she could go again.

Thursday was Kim and I's 34 anniversary, so I left ED week early that day so that we could go to "The Roof" for our special day. That was fun!

Friday, I was sitting in the Marrriot Center and they got up to do the announcements before class and asked "if there is a Marilyn Groneman or an Anne Weber here, they need to report to the Talmage building immediately." THAT got my attention. Of course, as luck would have it, I sitting clear down on the floor, so I to get up and leave, just as it was starting. I was smart enough to figure out that if they were looking for Anne & I that it was likely a problem with one of my parents. So I made some phone calls, and found Katheryn at mom and dad's. Mom had taken a tumble, well, collapsed is more like it. Dad had seen her starting to sink to the floor and was able to prevent a total fall. Keith and Kathy were there because they were going to go to the Credit Union together to get a notary to sign some legal documents that needed witnesses. But even with Kathy, Keith and my dad, they weren't able to get mom off of the floor. Her legs were cramping pretty severely and she was hurting worse when they tried to get her up. Because she went down in the hallway, they weren't able to get to the sides of her to pick her up. So she laid there for 3 plus hours while they kept trying. In the end, with the pain, they ended up calling 911 and they hauled her away to the hospital.
At first we thought that she had had a stroke, like her mom did. Her words were pretty slurred. But she is able to use both sides of her body and her words cleared up till yesterday, she still sounded normal. 2 Dr's at the hospital and Brigham all expressed doubt that mom will be able to be released to home, as they expect that she will have to have some physical therapy to be able to walk again. But yesterday, the nurse said that she had walked (with help) to the commode, so that was very encouraging. I think she will be fine to go home hopefully tomorrow, but will likely need some assistance for awhile from kids. Don't know how much yet.

Dastrups had gone up to the canyon close to home at about 2:30 Friday afternoon to find out that they were too late...all campsites taken, so they followed me up to the Mtn property and good times were had by all! We even cooked corn on the cob in their husks and foil in the coals of the fire and mine was perfect! Ty was on his self destruct mode, so he needed a close shadow to protect him from himself. But it was FUN!
I was sorry to have to leave by 8:45AM TO go home to a funeral at our church (as the compassionate service member and friend to the family I wanted to support and indeed was needed to help with the food at their funeral luncheon). Then I came home. And felt ENTIRELY exhausted, so I did very little around here to catch up. Instead we watched a movie with Brett and Katie. A very busy week, but most of it was good!

I must also report one HUGE tender mercy of the Lord via my good husband! I have dreaded Monday coming because I was SURE I was scheduled for a colonoscopy. I have done that before. The scope itself isn't that big of a deal, but the PREP that you have to do to clean everything out so they can do the scope is miserable. Today was that day, I thought. But Kim pointed out that it was on our calendars for SEPT 20, not tomorrow. I had received the instructions of what to do this last week in the mail, so that only added to my sureness that Monday was the day. BUT, I KNEW that I didn't want to have to do that prep 2 times if I was wrong about the day. So I called the hospital-knowing that since it was Sunday that I wouldn't be able to talk to that dept at all. But the operator was able to find me on the schedule for Sept 20and not tomorrow, so I was SAVED!! Fabulous!!! Thank you honey! You are awesome and I love you TONS!


Katie Groneman said...

Yep - you sure did have a busy week. I'm glad you didn't have to end it with a colonoscopy.

Gramps said...

Wow...I get praise for that? I was just being selfish..I didn't want to have to take you to the Dr. or listen to you complain after having gone through the prep for nothing. :-) Update on Grandma: She's been fighting the nurses in the hospital (Big surprise there) and she's not walking...last time they tried she wouldn't/couldn't move her legs. Looks like most likely will be a rehab center when they kick her out of the hospital. If the folks in the rehab center knew what was coming they would be looking for new jobs about now.