Monday, August 23, 2010

Update on Grandma, for anyone concerned.

I think that this is mostly for BJ's knowledge. When they got my mom up last night and asked her to take a step, with support, she could not do it. And they had to fight her for 3 hours while she was SO ANGRY because people wouldn't help her to go home. Mom cried and Anne cried. I wasn't there, as we have decided that we need to spread out the help over there so we don't leave my dad alone to deal with it for long periods. Mom also refused to eat yesterday.

It is SO HARD to watch this process. We love her with all of our hearts. But she needs rehab to walk, which means a care that is what we will be doing this week: arranging for that.
I will be going over this morning to talk to the social worker about our options, and then we will know where to start. Cambrie arrives on Thursday...I suspect that she will need to spend some time with Christa, or be alone here while I am helping to get things settled. She leaves to go to Idaho Sept 1 and then I will be on Full time duty here.

I will do my best to keep writing you BJ. I will write at least one letter a week, but don't expect anything more. Hopefully the family will be able to write you more. You are very much on my mind and in my prayers every day. But for the next couple of weeks while we try to work through the problems of transitioning my mom to HOPEFULLY get enough rehabilitation to get her to come home, it is going to be tough.

When Norma broke her hip and was in a care center to do rehab, when she was awake she would cry and beg and plead and be SO upset, that they had to keep giving her heavy sedatives to calm her down. The sedatives made her sleep most of the time, so rehab could't happen. That is what I am forseeing with mom's case. I hope I am wrong. But that is the story.

Once we know where she will be, I am certain she would appreciate visitors. I will keep you posted, of course.


Gramps said...

I hope you kids all realize what you see in the shell of Grandma now isn't your real Grandma and it's not her fault. Her brain and body aren't functioning correctly and the strong and determined and loving Grandma that I knew and loved for SO many years (long before TeeTa was born) is being suppressed more and more because of the deterioration in her body (which includes her brain). I know she would be so embarassed and unhappy with her situation if she only was mentally capable of comprehending it now. Love her now like she deserves to be loved, but remember her like she deserves to be remembered as she goes through these hard times. Also, don't forget to shoot me on my 70th birthday (after cake please). Becoming a burdon like this is *MY* worst nightmare.

Erica said...

I never knew her before these issues, but every once in a while when we visit I get a glimpse of how she REALLY is, her true self. It takes looking past the outward issues, but I've seen it. I especially felt that when Chad and I were first engaged/married. I know she's an amazing woman. This must be so frustrating her for and for her children/husband who love her dearly. Let us know what we can do to help.