Thursday, August 12, 2010

I salute you Bert

I didn't think I'd have any trouble giving myself injections. But when the moment came this morning, I chickened out. Steve gave me my subcutaneous injection (in my belly) and it didn't hurt a bit. I have no problems giving injections, and no problems with other people giving them to me, but I could bring myself to give it to myself. Bert-- hats off to you that you've done it for so long.

Pretty soon I'll have multiple injections daily and some of them intramuscular. Steve won't be around for some of them so I'll have to be brave enough to give them to myself. I'm getting myself psychologically prepared : {


Marilyn said...

yeah, I wouldn't want to do it to myself or anyone else. I can't even watch it done on me or anyone else without getting queasy!

Brett said...

Ah the good ol' days! That brings me back to my first night of being home having to stick myself with a syringe and just sweating it out for about 30 minutes before I actually did it. I didn't do it fast. Nope. I just put it in very v_e_r_y s_l_o_w_l_y! As I recall, you let me practice on you first. But yeah, kinda different doing it to yourself.