Monday, August 23, 2010


Mom had a pretty miserable day. Turns out she received 7 attiban (anti anxiety drug) in the last 24 hours, which is enough to make any patient a drugged up mess. They are pulling her completely off the Attiban, and the Dr is putting her on something else that will work better for her, we hope.
Today was really a slide. 2 days ago she was joking around with us and having a good time, yesterday she could only mumble incoherent stuff like having to get hometo milk the cows and do the dishes. To say nothing of her babies. Today, she couldn't speak at all. She hasn't eaten for 2 days. And doesn't seem to be able to drink . Kathy put some little liquid in a straw and released it into her mouth, but she didn't seem to want that either. She is still getting IV's.

The Dr that came in and talked to us today thinks that she will do better tomorrow with the change of drugs that he has ordered. I am counting on it. It has been a challenging day. It is 7 pm now. She will be waking up soon to start the sundowners syndrome if the Dr missed his mark. Hopefully, he didn't.

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