Sunday, August 22, 2010

For Buff: Mountain trip

We had a great week at the mountain.  Only Chad/Erica/Emmy said they could go.  Brett was supposed to work and Christa was going to camp closer to their house.  I promised to provide dinner & breakfast.  Lo and behold, Brett's work schedule changed with his new job so he and Katie showed up at the mountain.  We had just finished dinner and were thinking about playing a game when a couple more vehicles showed was yer mom in our car and the Dastrups in their van!  What a pleasant surprise!  The reason yer mom didn't come with me is because Grandma H fell and was dehydrated and low in potassium so was in the horse-piddle. After they decided she was OK, Marilyn decided to come up after all.  Dastrups brought their dogs to roast so they did that and some folks made smores.  B&K stayed in the old trailer, C&E put up a tent (they wanted to see how Emmy would do), and C&B stayed in Grandma's (now our) trailer.  It's the first time anyone has used either of those trailers in years.   In the morning I was quiet to not wake Grandma and thought I was early...only to find Emmy was already out with her parents on a hike and Christa and Ty were already up wandering around camp.  It was only about 6 or 6:30 or so.  I built a fire as it was on the chilly side and as folks woke up they warmed themselves by the fire.  I didn't have near enough food for everyone for breakfast so I cooked and shared what I had but some folks were on their own. (I would have had enough with notice that people were going to come!)  I took the ATVs up so everyone had a short ride.  Ty was excited to see and sit on the 'tractors'.  I was the last one to leave and I guess the squirrels were just too shy of all those people because after everyone else left, three squirrels came out, went into the squirrel houses to get the food Benjamin had left for them there and just hung around outside our trailer for a while nibbling on pancakes and pretzels.  It was a great time.....hope we can do it again before long.

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