Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ice cream night

My girls have no idea that there is any place other than Rite Aid that you can go to get an ice cream cone. It lacks atmosphere so we go next door to a medical plaza (after 5pm) with our cones and play on their ramps/stairs and have a great time playing tag, hide and seek, jumping down the stairs together. They have as much fun doing this as they do at disneyland if not more. Fun tradition.
Oh and the great thing is we only have to get 1 cone because we can put 1/2 inch of icecream in the top of lydia's cone and she is happy for a half hour and kiera will just eat it from a cup.


Gramps said...

fun pics. I really like how Steve caught you doing your defy gravity thing. I left comments on the pictures.

Erica said...

So cute! I love the pictures of you guys jumping on the stairs.

Marilyn said...

It kills me how much they change between time I see them. Fun pictures. Enjoy this stage that they are so easy to please!