Tuesday, August 03, 2010


When the fedex guy came to the door with a box my girls started removing their shoes because the last box that was delivered to our door contained shoes. I informed them as I opened it,
"Sorry ladies, it is not shoes. It is just medicine"
Kiera "Is that the medicine so that you can have a baby in your tummy?" (direct quote).
(flabergasted)..."um well, no but it is to help us get a baby".

I couldn't believe it. We have never told Kiera anything at all about the entire situation. We only ever say in prayers "please help us to get a baby in our family". She could not have known any other way than through the spirit. I tried later to ask her what the medicine was for but all she said was "I don't know".

This is the 4th time in the past year that she has had very obvious intuition about the status of future siblings in our family.

Anywho, I start this mess of meds next tuesday. My surrogate started today. Our contract is done and waiting to be signed. Here we go!!!


Gramps said...

Well hopefully it will be signed. I'm flabbergasted that you've done all you've done so far without a signed contract. I hope the other party just signs without problems.

Marilyn said...

I think Kiera is still somewhat connected to the other side of the veil,and gets messages from her sibling who is excited to come.

Brett said...

Teaching Primary, I'm reminded every now and then what I just assume the kiddos know already. And that legal stuff -- sounds like a headache and a stomach ulcer, all in one (So you can't even take an aspirin to fix it!).