Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's hard to believe my little special guy is FIVE YEARS OLD!  I vividly remember the phone call from Marilyn the day you were born and the concern she had for both you and Christa.  I remember the first weeks/months of your life how worried I was about you.  Now I realize every time I think of you I get a big smile on my face.   Your facination with electronics and how you'll push, pull, dig, chew, pull apart any electronic item you find just makes me laugh.  It can get expensive at times, but that's my (our) fault, not yours.  I giggle when you turn the TV over on its side to watch it.  You know exactly where the eject and rewind buttons are on the VCR.  If you find a DVD you have to shove it into the VCR to see if it will play.  You jump up and down and clap when you find something you like.  I love your crazy man face!  I couldn't love you any more if my life depended on bring joy to my life even though you're a little cute bundle of trouble for your mom/dad (and sometimes grandma and me).  I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Marilyn said...

Happy Birthday! And we get to spend some of it with you!