Monday, August 09, 2010

Spin Cycle

So while we were eating dinner at the hospital one day this week, I told Brett to go to bed before I got home since he had to work again the next day (he works from 6:00am - 6:30pm, and I work from about 1:30pm to 10:00pm so we meet for dinner when he's done). Here's our conversation:

Katie: Go to bed before I get home.
Brett: Wake me up and give me a hug when you get there.
Katie: Ok, but I don't want to interrupt your REM cycle.
Brett: That's ok, I'll will be on spin cycle anyway, so it's almost done.

(I think this was a subconscious message for me to do laundry).

I'm all done working at the hospital for the summer - YAY!!!! My out-of-town sisters are both going to be here this week so I'll be spending a lot of time hanging out and quoting movies instead of prepping for school, but oh well... I keep having nightmares about not being prepared the first day - maybe I really should start thinking about it.

Brett got a new job offer while we were driving home from Moab. I'll let him post about that himself sometime since he knows the story better than I do.

And that's pretty much it from us. (For more on our fabulous vacations this summer, see other posts or our blog!).


Gramps said...

After working a few twelve hour shifts no wonder he acts like he's on spin cycle. I would. Man...thinking about going back to school already. There should be a law against that.

Marilyn said...

Spin cycle eh? It comes from his dad...

Cambrie said...

: ) I love you guys.