Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update on mom -Big improvement!

Today, with some assistance, mom was able to walk to the bathroom. Mostly, she did it alone though. And she is eating, drinking, talking and surprising us with her rapid comeback.
It has been crazy trying to get her into a care center...first they didn't think she was high functioning enough to go into intermediate care and then they decided that she was a "flight risk" (while she couldn't even take a step). Then they thought she should be on hospice, but then we found out that she couldn't recieve physical therapy if she was on hospice, but the care center couldn't have her come in because the Dr's reports were really not good while she was crashed with the overdoses of Aettiban she had been on. So it has gone back and forth several times.
They were going to release her yesterday, and then today. Now it will be tomorrow. But don't quote me on it! Ya just never know when it will pan out.
We will be placing her in Orem nursing and Rehab care. It is on 14th south, south of University Mall. When Norma was there, it was way ugly...a dark and gloomy dump with old folks in wheelchairs randomly strewn in the hallways all over the place. Nothing impressed us there. But they have put 2 million bucks into the place in the last 2 years, and the place is transformed! What a difference!
She will be getting rehab, and with her being able to do things like walk to the bathroom with assistance now, I am CERTAIN that she will be able to get well and functional enough to go home.
We are currently going through the reams of paperwork needed to get both mom and dad when the time becomes necessary) to get VA benefits. It will save $2,000.00 per month if we succeed. And so we do the paper work now...for whenever it will become needed. There is a 4-6 mo waiting list to get there anyway.

So that is about it. Mom isn't gonna love us for dropping her off where she doesn't want to be. We will have to have some scheduled support to be with her for the first week or so, so she doesn't feel abandoned there. I have been suprised that she hasn't been too insistant on getting out of here since she became more alive. She seems nearly like she is unaware of our conversations around her, even though they involve her care in a care center. Great! We will take it! I am glad she isn't fighting and cursing us!

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Cambrie said...

I think it is tragic that she is being put in a nursing home. I know that there are many differences of opinions (and mine doesn't really count) but I'm going to say my 2 cents anyway. I think she would make much more rapid improvement from home. Her best chance of improvement is if she is happy and not crazy which is most likely to be at home. Being in a hospital/nursing home seems to make old people more crazy plus all of the extra risks of infection and they are NOT happy which doesn't help. Physical therapists can go to people's homes. I hope that this nursing home is not a death sentance for her.