Friday, August 20, 2010

Restaurant Review: The Roof

So I dunno how many times I've been to The Roof to eat.  Maybe 6 or 7.  The first time we went it was like $22/person and I thought that was high.   Yesterday it was $37 and it was a nice, romantic get away for Marilyn and I, but I was really dissapointed in the food.  Not the quality of the food...the quality is aways great, but the recipes they used.  Of course the salad stuff was really good and the cold shrimp with lemon squeezed on it dipped in their seafood sauce (peppery) was really good.  Deserts were fantastic as usual, especially the Key Lime Pie.  However, they had steak in shitakke mushroom sauce  that was so bland there was no flavor..tasted like biting into a fresh side of beef hanging on a hook.  They had some fancy named breaded fish in a 'citrus sauce' that didn't have any flavor and the sauce tasted more like Mexican salsa than citrus sauce.  They had chicken cordon blu (sp?) that was just.....there...I couldn't taste any swiss was dry chicken with some ham rolled up in it.   I'm sure the waitress was disgusted that I left most of that stuff on my plate without eating it. I finished filling up on shrimp and deserts. I hope they just had a bad day and it wasn't an indicator of how things normally are.  I would have enjoyed the food more at Purple Turtle.  Next year it's Chef's Table for our anniversary....I haven't been dissappointed there yet. (I'd like to go to Ruths Chris but I'm not feeling that rich).

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Erica said...

I've had a similar experience. I probably won't be going back there. Too expensive, and for what? And especially when I get a tasty meal with bottomless steak fries (completely fills me up) for $5 at Red Robin.