Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nelson pictures

Lydia always wants mommy to "wash grandma fingers off!"  Sorry, grandma, she doesn't want fingers like yours.

Kiera built this by herself!  She loves to show off her skills to friends.
Lydia must dress herself lately.  It brings upon wardrobe malfunctions.

Fun hats we found at a farmers market.  You'll notice coats we were wearing.  It was 55 degrees!!!
Steve frequently takes naps at 6-7pm at night.  Lydia loves her daddy and kisses him frequently in hopes that he will wake up and play (hey, it worked for prince phillip right?)


Katie Groneman said...

Cute pics!I especially like the one of Lydia trying to get sleeping Steve to play with her - very cute.

Marilyn said...

YES< VERY CUTE PICTURES! I love them all, but I like the one where Lydia dressed herself. So, now that Lydia is dressing herself, is Kiera catching on? :)

And hey, I understand about her not wanting to have grandma hands...neither DO I!!!

Gramps said...

What can I say...I LOVE YOUR POSTS! (and I love your family)

Erica said...

Does Steve usually take naps with his legs up on the couch? :)
I'm super impressed with Kiera's tower-building abilities. Way to go!
I still can't get over how grown up Lydia looks.