Sunday, March 13, 2011

Emmy is in her new house

Yesterday we loaded up the little trailer, filled cars and vans, pulled the big trailer out of the garage, and had a wagon train over to Emmy's new house where we dumped it all. We even had a little side trip up to the Dastrups to pick up the junk that was stored there. Lots of sore muscles to go around. Thank goodness for a couple of Emmy's new neighbors that saw us unloading and jumped in to help. It would have been a much longer day without them. Now the work for Chad/Eric really begins...unloading boxes and putting stuff away, putting in a yard, but I'm pretty sure they're happy to be in their new house (still smells like new paint/carpet). Emmy now has more room to run around than she's ever had before in her life!


Gramps said...

Sore muscles, but happy smiles to see them in their new great place! the neighbors are all wishing that they had been able to make the same changes that Chad and Erica did.

Gramps said...

whoops! That previous comment was really MOM!

Gramps said...

Hey! Use your own dang computer! >:-|