Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cheap Manure

Okay, so everyone has been wondering about this mysterious place that my neighbor told me about where you can get cheap horse manure. I did some investigating, and I've figured it out. The place is Lynnleigh Farm, and it is at HERE.

I called and talked to a lady there, and she said Saturdays are best to get it, but just to make sure you call (801-571-5592) before you come. She said that you go through their gate and pull up behind the barn (not the house), and one of their guys will load your truck for you. I asked a price, and she wasn't sure, but she said that it was under $10. My neighbor said $5, but I don't know how long ago that was.

Just FYI, I don't think it's been treated or anything-- you may want to call and ask if that is important to you.


Erica said...

Excellent info, Christa! Thanks!

Sorry for my ignorance, but treated for what?

Marilyn said...

It is great stuff. I got some for my garden last year, and it will be benefiting me for about 4 more years before I need to do it again.

Gramps said...

Treated for weed seeds.