Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nelson's visit schedule (Steve too!)

We spent almost the entirety of yesterday figuring this all out coordinating between schools, clinics, 2 government agencies, airlines, etc.  but we've got this figured out.  So, in case anyone is interested, here is the schedule of our events:

April 7th- Entire Nelson family drives to Utah (arriving at about 1am on the 8th)
8th-- Cambrie's appointment 2pm
9th-- BYU Ballroom concert!  2pm
10th- Cambrie and Steve fly to Illinois to look for housing 1:36 pm (K+L stay with Grandma--thank you!)
13th-Cambrie and Steve fly back to Utah arriving at 8:18 (can someone pick us up? pretty please?)
14th Steve flies back to CA at 9am(ish)
16-20th Cambrie appointment 8:30 am
22nd(ish) Cambrie's egg retrieval.....   And then we'll go back to Cali after that.

Fun/crazy times!


Erica said...

Fun! I haven't talked to Chad yet, but if it works out, we'll have to have Chad's birthday dinner with the whole family (minus Buff)! Either way, we'll definitely have to have everyone over for dinner while you're here. :)

PS. Just so you know, we have had a little trip to St. George planned since before we knew you were coming (Thurs-Sat, 14-16th), but before and after that, we're excited to get our little ladies together (with Ty too)!

Erica said...

Never mind about Chad's birthday dinner. I missed the part that you and Steve would both be gone that day. Whoops! But we'd still love to have you over sometime while you're here.

Gramps said...

I'll be happy to pick you up if that's 8:18 PM, and I think it is.

Gramps said...

It will be great that Steve will be here, if only for a little bit.