Friday, March 18, 2011

It was Benjamin's birthday!

Yesterday was Benjamin's birthday. I know because I gave it to him as I don't need any more. However, people still gave me the gifts. Whatever. We went to Arctic Circle and had some grub while the little ones played on the playground stuff. After that we went home and Marilyn had made me pumpkin pie. She made me share. :-\ I was showered with gifts: A fireproof safe, pumpkin pie, a cool vented shirt for ATV riding, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, sunflower seeds, JackLinks treats (kind of like scooby treats), some atv chairs, and Jacob hugs. I understand that Chat, Brett and maybe Christa chipped in on the safe. It was kind of vague as to who chipped in on what, but thanks for thinking of me guys. It was a great birthday. Next year, though, buy stuff Kiera can use. I think it is probably her turn to get my birthday in 2012 (my last since the world ends later that year). I love you all!

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