Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Help wanted

We've finalized our plans for those of you who are able to help out (and if you're not able to, no worries).

Painting will be Friday. Erica and I plan to be over at the house at 8 AM, but we don't expect anyone else to be there that early. We hope to see people around 9 AM, but you can come whenever. We plan to have the house completely prepped Thursday night, so on Friday people can just come, grab a roller / brush, and start painting. There will be some jobs that will go to people with advanced painting skills, but there will be plenty for average Joes with no knowledge of painting.

Subway sandwiches will be provided for Lunch. Let us know what kind, as well as the size, bread, cheese, and toppings you would like -- we would like to order them beforehand so we can just go pick them up around 12:30.

Ideally, we will be done by 5:00 PM (we plan two coats of paint, taking 4 hours to do each coat). Our estimates could be off by quite a bit though.

We plan to meet at Grandma & Gramps house at 9 AM. We will load up the trailer with stuff that is blocking the main trailer, and then we will take both trailers full of stuff down to the house and unload them. Erica will be directing traffic at the house. If we finish unloading by noon or so, we might head over to the Dastrups (if we can get into their home) and load up the junk in their basement and haul it back. We plan to be completely done with everyone's help by 3-ish. If we don't get to the Dastrup's house, we'll get there another weekend sometime.

Lunch will be provided, probably in the form of Little Caesars, which we'll just get whenever we decide we're ready for it.

We won't be moving stuff out of the basement apartment, for the most part. Just the heavy stuff like food storage ;) . Erica and I will do the remainder on our own, on Monday.

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Gramps said...

Little trailer will be there on Friday night.