Sunday, April 01, 2007

Common Answers - March I'm terrible this month...Just like most everyone else! Look at BJ go...she skunked us!! I can't believe Green Eggs and Ham wasn't the number 1 Dr. Seusse book.

299 Breanna Groneman
1111 Chad Groneman
1181 Brigham Dastrup
1885 Kim Groneman
2040 Brett Groneman
2052 Christa Dastrup
2390 Cambrie Nelson

HERE ARE MARCH RESULTS I'd like to extend a special invitation for Mom and Steve to join us so we're 100% represented in April. ***ENTER HERE***


Marilyn said...

so, does Breanna whoop on you like that EVERY time??? Don't know if I dare enter the game?

Kim said...

Nope....different people get lucky every time. No skill whatsoever involved in this game unless you think that trying to guess what most people will say a skill.