Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our Mountain Property - Dear co-owners of the mountain property (that's you kids): I went to the annual Upper Whittemore Property Association members meeting a few weeks back. They were voting on new board members. Heck if I know how it happened by I was voted into the board of directors. add insult to injury, I went to my first board meeting where they were voting for board officers and I got voted in as secretary of the board. Man.....ya blink and look what happens! Anyway, we were supposed to go inspect some of the water lines on Saturday and I thought there would still be snow up there (never been able to get up in April before, only in May). Since it was a low snow year, I figured I could make it up and there would be piles of snow around the trailers like there has been in May of previous years. I took my ATV up just for fun. There was no snow. There was a small pile in the shady area of Grandma's trailer and up under the pine trees on our lot, but other than that, it was dry. I un-winterized our trailer and enjoyed the warm breeze up there. Without leaves on the trees, it's a lot easier to see property line markers. Our property starts about two feet west of Grandpa's shack. Where Grandma had her trailer before moving it down and where we used to have the old firepit is all on our property. I own the tree that says "Kim's a pain" lock, stock, and barrel. I'm thinking about putting signs around that says "Private Property, Ann keep out" They sure are building some mansions down the hill from us in the canyon. I didn't realize there were so many filthy rich people around this area. I predict our property is going to skyrocket in value when it becomes an "exclusive" mountain home area.


Cambrie said...

Wow- secretary eh? I'm not worthy. No going up there with out us.

Kim said...

You're welcome any time.....but sorry, I'm not waiting for you.