Friday, April 20, 2007

So with only one week remaining until our fun-filled reunion, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that it's finally starting to warm up here. The bad news is that right now the forecast predicts rain for every day that you are here. That could ruin some plans. Our tentative plan was to spend a day at the National Zoo (FREE), a couple of days in DC for all those feeling touristy (weather won't affect that), a day at a national park where you can hunt for fossilized shark teeth on the beach, a day close to home-- playing frisbee golf, bocci ball, croquet, etc. with a picnic, and on that Sunday going to see some gardens here that are beautiful. Anyhow, you can see that rain might make our plans a little trickier. So keep your fingers crossed. Dinner plans include: a trip to the Rainforest Cafe, a Baltimore crabfest at the Dastrups, and adults' dinner night at Gertrudes (I succeeded in getting reservations for all of us together), so please budget accordingly! One last thing-- we've been trying to keep all of the days you're here clear, but we had to schedule an appointment for Jacob to see a surgeon (about the pocket of fluid under his belly button) the afternoon that you get here. I apologize, but it was the first time they could get him in. Brigham will take him, and I'll still be here to play hostess. Let the games begin! It's not too late to submit any ideas or requests to the party-planning committee!


Chad said...

I think Jacob's surgeon visit takes priority.

Rain or shine, we'll have fun. Except the whole crab thing. I'll pass on that.

Cambrie said...

I'll eat Chad's crab.... in Kiera's behalf of course.

Kim said...

Wow...will I get a chance to relax among all that business?