Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yesterday I decided to go visit Kiera & family in Loma Linda. Kiera wasn't having the best day, and she was afraid of me at first. But eventually she got comfortable enough with me that she had no qualms about spitting up on me. The Nelsons have a pretty nice place. I had imagined it to be in the concrete jungle somewhere. But it's actually in a decent looking neighborhood. They have a yard & everything. Oh, and I do mean everything. Their three bedroom house is fully furnished. It looks like they've been living there quite happily for years. The house itself is a little old, and smells of old people, but it's a nice little place. And I saw no spiders while I was there. The Nelsons treated me to the In 'n Out experience. It was a good hamburger. We played some games, and had a good time. I'll have to wait another two days to see Kiera again. I'm looking forward to it!


Marilyn said...

Yeah, me too! 2 days to party time!

Cambrie said...

Correction: 4 bedroom house : )

It was fun for Kiera to see uncle chad!! (once she got used to him).
Kiera has stranger anxiety so I'll have to make a proper introduction of all of you to kiera when we get to Baltimore