Tuesday, April 03, 2007

On Sunday we went over to our friends' house between conference sessions for some cake and ice cream. Benjamin was very excited about it, and when we got there, I dished some up for him and put it at the table. I then proceeded to help dish up the rest, and we started eating. About 10 minutes later, I looked over at Benjamin who was sitting with his untouched cake and ice-cream-- a forlorn look on his face. I said, "What's the matter, buddy? Don't you want your cake and ice-cream?" He said, "I do want it! I'm just waiting for the prayer!"

A proud moment came for us at the close of the last Conference session. Maybe no one else noticed, but the closing prayer was rather lengthy. Benjamin was in the middle of eating his dinner, but when he heard the prayer start, he said, "They're praying!" and immediately folded his arms and bowed his head. We've been working with him on staying reverent through prayers-- closing our eyes and not wandering around. As the prayer went on (and on... and on...), I peeked to see how Benjamin was doing. He was kneeling down on his chair with his head down on his folded arms. Only a slight squirming let one know that the prayer was taxing his resources. And bless his heart, he made it! All the way to the end of the prayer! We were very proud of him!


Marilyn said...

You'll have to congratulate Benjamin for me on being so devoted to the prayer!! Both of those are quite an accomplishment for a 3 year old! GOOD KID!

Chad Groneman said...

That was a rather lengthy prayer. We commented on it in our apartment. I must say that it amazes me that he had the endurance to stay reverent for the whole thing. Must have good parents.

PS - I managed to stay reverent through the whole thing too!