Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So, this is just a reminder to ya'll that didn't make your own reservations to fly and therefore may not be aware of just how early we need to leave here on Thursday! We are on flight 2947 which Departs at 7:20 AM, which means we have to leave here at 5:20 Am to be there by 6:20 am. Which of course means you need to be up by about 5 am. Make SURE you bring your Drivers Licencses folks!
Also, I believe I remember that Chad is on the same flight with Brett, BJ, Kim and myself. That is 5 of us, and 6 with Brigham driving, to be transported from the airport to Dastrups place. This means that we need to pack light! Like 1 suitcase, and your carry on, and your carry on will likely likely be riding with you on your lap from the airport to Dastrups. Who knows. Maybe well be riding people on our laps so we can stack up the suitcases. But, the good news is that we aren't going across the plains like that, so we can be really close, as a family on the trek to the Dastrups! The adventure begins.
Also, CK, in light of the fact that you want us to pack light...wouldn't it make better sense to just wash the sheets upstairs on both ends of the trip than to bring sheets? Let me know what you think. I can bring whatever(except my pet elephant). I just need to know what you need us to bring.


Kim said...

re: pet elephant. Sorry. I'm coming.

Chad said...

Also, if y'all haven't done much travel since 9-11, remember the following:

- Checked luggage cannot be locked
- Read TSA's liquids/gels rule.

Since we're all flying Southwest, remember the following:
- Go Check in Online so you can be in boarding group A (so you can get a decent seat).
- Southwest has no in-flight entertainment, and these flights are lengthy. Bring your own entertainment that will be sufficient for both legs of the trip.
- For those of you travelling with little Kieras, when you check your luggage, ask if you can pre-board since you have a baby.

Chad said...

Couple more things.

No cameras / firearms in your checked luggage. I would imagine no firearms in your carry-on luggage either, but they've never asked me.

You have to remove your shoes / jackets to go through security.

Cambrie said...

Wow- I can't believe we have to review all this stuff. I guess some of you have not flown for a while!! I've probably flown 20+ times in the past 5 years (actually, for sure!).

Also, if you are ask the stewardess really nice, they might give you a set of piolot wings to pin on your shirt.

Chad said...

About luggage size -

Luggage is going to be artificially bloated, due to the fact that we need to pack Sunday clothes and for those of us running the 5K, athletic apparel. Shoes take up an extraordinary amount of room in luggage. Yes you can stuff them with socks, but those same socks fit into a much lesser space than when with the shoes.

DASTRUPS - I can get by with no carry on item, unless you want me to bring the Wii. Do you want me to bring it?

Chad said...

Brett & Buff - You can ask the stewardess for a picture and a crayon to color during the flight.

Kim said...

I checked in and have bording passes for Brett & Buff

brigham said...

BRING THE Wii for sure!! We definitely have enough room for it.

Christa said...

The Nelsons don't have to worry about luggage. Since only the 3 of you are coming in at once, you can bring whatever you want, and it will all fit.

Stevo said...

Thank you for the review sheet. I might print it off and use it as a checklist the next time I fly

Cambrie said...

Nelsons have 1 small suitcase each and 1 carry- on for the 3 of us. Beat that!!!

Chad said...

I am in BALTIMORE with Benjamin and Jacob! I'll need to go get the Nelson clan in half an hour.