Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Not tons happening in Cali. So I'll share a few tidbits:

1. We got our trees hyper-trimmed. There ain't a leaf left on em' . They look kinda silly, but at least it will help control spiders.

2. tonight we are going to an open house for Steve's parents' newest bookstore. They bought the last remaining church-owned bookstore (deseret book is not church owned for those of you who were wondering).

3. Steve's younger brother Devin (the Gorilla for the Suns) has decided he is going to marry a girl who was part of the polygamists as a child and left at the age of 17. She is a returned missionary and a really nice girl.

thats all folks.


Marilyn said...

So is this the chick that was the gorgeous blonde from a polygamist fam?
Hyper-trimmed trees equals more sunlight. Maybe you can grow tomatoes and such. Did your strawberries survive?

Kim said...

I like the "let's mimic Kiera" picture.

Marilyn said...

cute pictures, BTW

Christa said...

Are you still having a spider problem? Didn't the pest control folks come back?

Cambrie said...

Pest control came back and we haven't had spiders since. good thing.
2 of 20 strawberry plants lived.