Sunday, April 22, 2007

Steve surprised me last night with an unexpected gift: a fancy-shmancy jogging-stroller complete with odometer and MP3 player speakers so Kiera can listen to tunes while I jog. I wonder if he got it for me more for my behalf or his..... Today I locked our keys in the car at chuch. What a goobersnarf I am. What a pain it is to get locked keys out of a car. Steve's younger brother Kyle got his mission call to Japan and I guessed it. : )


Cambrie said...

I guess I never got over my speach impediment: chuch; wooster

Marilyn said...

Hey, good for you! There is the way to get back to your pre-pregancy condition! Better use it fast, so you will be ready for the 5K in a week! We'll be ready too! To cheer you on!

So how did you get in your car? Someone take you home to get your keys? BTW< now that your moved, how far away is your church?

Kim said...

I'm sure Steve broke into the car for her. He's had experience with LOCKING KEYS IN A VEHICLE. At least this time you weren't 100 miles from anywhere/one ;-)