Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I've actually started combing Benjamin's hair occasionally as of late, and today I pulled out the hairspray to try to keep it looking combed. When he saw it, he drew back, wrinkled up his nose, and asked suspiciously, "Is that girl stuff?"

As for Jacob, we think that Jacob might have his first real word-- car! Any time he sees toy cars or cars/trucks in books he says something that sounds kind of like "ka". We are not sure yet, but we are hopeful that it is true! He has also started waving a little bit. I have to hold his arm up, but then he will wave his chubby hand! It's very exciting!


Kim said...

I can't believe Brigham lets you do that to your boy! Hairspray. YUCK! Poor kid. As for Jacob's word: GO JACOB!!!! That makes me smile. I was thinking about Mr. Jacob a lot yesterday. Dunno why. Just love that little man.

Marilyn said...

How delightful! Kiss those cute little boys of your for me, ok? They delight me even from 2000 miles away!

Chad Groneman said...

I tell you, I heard him say "tee-tah" a couple of times while I was in Baltimore.

Good to hear that our resident Dinosaur expert can stick up for his manliness. He doesn't want any of that sissy stuff!