Monday, April 16, 2007

This week I was talking to Benjamin on the phone. He called to thank me for the "Utah Raptor" dinosaur that I sent him. He was pretty excited about it. He knew that we had a Utah Raptor from when he was here at Christmas, so he wanted to know if I still had one here. I told him I couldn't find a Utah Raptor in the stores, so I had sent him mine...but that was ok, because I could play with it with him when we come to Baltimore in a bit. He sounded cautious when he said, " can play with it, but it is still gonna be mine, alright?" One has to protect ones interests after all. It reminded me of a blurb in the readers Digest last month:

"Dinosaurs are fascinating. My 3 year old is obsessed with them. Recently we were riding on a bus, and he asked another passenger for her name.
"My name is Deena," she said. "Can you say Deena?"
"Deena," said my son. "Can you say Pachycephalosaurus?"

Can't ya just see that being our little Dinosaur genius, Benjamin?

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