Saturday, April 21, 2007

ATV Weekend with Geocaching & Rummy. Yesterday we (Me, Thomas's) went out by Elberta and rode ATVs. It wasn't as cold as it seemed from yer mom's post. It was about 55-60 degrees & mostly sunny and with a sweatshirt under a windbreaker it was perfect weather to ride ATV. I tried to call Brett then Chad to go with me, but I couldn't get hold of either. :-( There's really some cool rides there. There's an old railroad grade (no longer any tracks) that has a tunnel that goes through a mountain. We rode our ATVs through it which was pretty fun. We saw a couple of mines and went on some wild trails (Marilyn wouldn't have liked them). We found two geocache stashes. Chad told me about geocaching. It's pretty fun. Today we (Marilyn and I) went with Chad, Saundra & Randy up to the mountain property. Rode ATVs up/back and played rummy 5000 in the trailer. It's still pretty cold up there.

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Marilyn said...

They went out on the west desert, where it is ugly. The trails they went on were so steep (some of them) that the front wheels didn't stay on the ground...Hon. Whatchasmokin'???
I don't do ugly terrain or extreme roads.You must have mistaken me for someone else if you think I would have liked that.!