Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Grandpa G is Home: I picked him up from the VA rehab center yesterday after work. He's in good spirits..GLAD to be home. He's quite a bit more feeble than he was before he broke his hip, but I'm hoping he'll grow stronger. He's going to need a significant amount of more care now than before. We've all (Us, Thomas's, Grandpa) agreed that his social security is now going to go towards his care so whoever has him will get that money (e.g. if Saundra takes him for 3 days, she gets 3 days portion of that money). So.....your mom now has an official job. He's gonna have home health and a physical therapist come in for a little while...dunno how long that will last. I've got to make some changes to things like the shower, etc. to accommodate him but we should be set up pretty good in the near future.

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Cambrie said...

good-- I'm glad he is home and I'm glad he finally has home health. he SHOULD be able to keep home health indefinately for his catheter care. (physical therapy is probably only temporary).
Mom- congrats on being employed.