Monday, May 07, 2007

So, BUFFY! Was the fortune cookie correct? How was your first day in your singles ward? Probably usually is alone. But you can fix that! Go sit by someone alone and get to know them! And then let us know how it is going down there, finally fulfilling your dreams of getting out of Utah Valley!
Kim is going for Physical Therapy on his shoulder twice a week now. We have decided that the physical therapist missed his century to be born by about 300 years. He was supposed to be a torturer in some dungeon in England, but he missed that time slot and opportunity, so he his doing it's 21st century equivalent: Physical therapy on KIM! But he is starting to regain some movement, slowly, so that is good. We finally found out what it is he has by the way. It is called "Frozen Shoulder". What initially caused it is still unknown, but we think just that migrating pain. But he has looked it up on the Internet, and he is at Stage 2 of Frozen shoulder...and if it goes to stage 3, he has lost his mobility permanently, so it is a necessary evil to tear loose the stuff that is keeping it immobile, and that is painful.


Christa said...

Doesn't sound like fun, Dad. But I hope that it helps!

Kim said...

I think yer mother just hits me at night while I'm sleeping.