Friday, May 04, 2007

Grandpa H's Birthday Party had us in stitches. Yer mother made Grandpa/Grandma a picture book from their old slides with her commentary for Birthday/Mother's Day. Grandma thought it was great. She would start reading a page out loud and start laughing then say "hey, you've gotta hear this" and start reading it again...then start laughing and say "hey, you've gotta hear this" and start reading from the beginning again......etc. It had us laughing. Then we would talk about Marilyn making it for them and she would ask "who did this?" a few times and the final thing that had me rolling on the floor was she said "This is great. I've got to get a copy of this book". I's sad really, but it's been sad for a long time now and last night we were all able to get some laughs out of it. For some reason of all the people there last night, Grandma was focused on me. First she commented that I had a new haircut (I don't) and how good it looked. Then in the middle of a conversation she started on how blue my eyes were. A few minutes later she told me how good my shirt looked and my pants and that I looked good in these colors. I told Marilyn I thought her mother was hitting on me. I told Kathy it was making me consider joining beauty pageants again.