Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So, i'm living in what must be the coolest singles ward ever! I have only been to this ward once and to FHE once and already, I have so many new friends, I can't remember all their names and I've been invited to so many things I can't go! And yesterday I recieved 4 hugs from people I didn't even know! It was awesome! So today was an especially good day! All semester long I was trying to do good in Anatomy but I didn't really think I'd do all that good so I was expecting maybe a D....but I checked today and I got a B-! I beat both Cambrie and Brett for the first go around! Yeay for me! I was super happy about that! And I had a job interview at one of the hospitals down here that I think went really well. We'll see what happens.... AND I"M GOING TO THE BEACH TOMORROW!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!! I think I could get used to California life.....it's good to me :-) anyways, that's my exciting news for now!

Oh and PS Christa, in case you didn't read the comments I left on your other posts, My date with Derek didn't happen. I don't know if he forgot or if he just chose not to come but either way, he isn't so charming anymore. I find that really tacky and I'm not really interested in someone who won't keep time commitments that other people are depending on and planning around. So that's the story with that.


Kim said...

I'm glad you're liking it. Fingers are crossed on getting a good job fast. Are you finding that committing to more than just the summer is a problem?

Marilyn said...

Good to get a blog from the BUFFALO!