Saturday, May 26, 2007

Last night I went to the Happy Sumo to eat with a few friends. And it was really good. One of my favorite meals I've had in a long time. If you're willing to drop a few dollars for Sushi, go there. There were 4 people and we ordered 4 California rolls. The waitress messed up, and brought us one of the wrong ones, so we got an extra for free. And the mess-up one was my one of my favorites. It had little orange fish eggs on it too.

I'm nearing the end of my training at work, and I did my first phlebotomy yesterday. Whitney Smith (co-worker and good friend) volunteered to be my first guinea pig. And I'm pretty much awesome because the manager of the establishment couldn't get her vein when she tried 2 months ago, and told me that if I got it, she'd cry. Yeah, I got it first try. I'm the man. That job is awesome and I love having it.

Chad, you should come donate blood. I know you love needles.


Cambrie said...

yuck! sushi? yuck!

Good vampiring must run in the family. But now that you are a vampire you will never be able to play the guitar or violin ... well, you can, but if you do you will never be able to feel veins through your calluses (sp?).

Chad said...

Ewwww... Raw fish and fish eggs. Yucky!

Chad was told by the Red cross to never ever ever attempt to donate anything ever again. They made me sign a letter to that effect. Between that and the needles, I'll stay away.

Kim said...

What a job. Hurting people. Cool. I've eaten at the Happy Sumo a couple of times and Saundra says it's one of her favorite places to eat. Pretty good stuff.