Sunday, May 20, 2007

Update on Chad: So I heard back on a job I had applied for with my old manager at Novell - I didn't get it. He said he hopes that another position will become available so he can offer me a job. I also know the person he hired, and that person was definitely more qualified than I was. But I've put my hat in for some other jobs, some of which appear to be more aligned with the experience I do have, and my goals.

I got in some fun this weekend - I did the alpine loop around Timp on my bike. I got passed up pretty regularly by other bikers, but I did it. Google shows it being 50 miles. I was very tired by the end of it, but it was fun. It took me five hours (most of that time was spent climbing up to the summit), and during that time I consumed just over five quarts of liquid, an apple, a Snickers Marathon bar, and five granola bars.


Kim said...

Too bad on the job scene. Keep trying. There's something out there. Other companies need developers (Altirus, etc.) Wow...that sounds like quite a bike trip!!!! 50 miles is a long way...but 50 miles up and down a mountain is a VERY long way. Are Snickers Marathon bars better than a standard Snickers?

Marilyn said...

Way to go Chad! 50 miles over the top of a mountain, that is great!!! So, where are some of these other jobs you have applied for? Provo? Bangleadesh?