Sunday, May 20, 2007

So, I have returned from our Weekend trip to Marysvale, Utah. We left early Friday morning and I returned this morning in time for church, and Kim is coming home tonight. There are some sweet places to ride down there. Yesterday alone, we put in 93 miles on the 4 wheelers (and I have the sore tush and arms and hands to prove it!). We climbed to the tops of several mountains, visited 2 scenic lake places, got some desert beauty, some waterfalls, and saw lots of wildlife. Clem said that we only saw "a drop in the bucket of great places to 4 wheel down there) I had a fox run beside and then in front of me on my four wheelers. We saw lots of deer, chipmunks, ground squirrels, a rattlesnake.....etc. I am sure Kim will be posting some pictures on the blog. We stayed with Pam and Clem (Kim has worked with Pam at Novell for many years) who live down there. I still struggle some with the whole gear shifting thing when combined with loose gravel, deep ruts, and just overall trying to stay on the trail, not crashing into any trees, and not slowing the whole group down too much by going at a pace that I feel safe with. So when the Robellos offered to let me take their Artic Cat 500 with AUTOMATIC shifting on day 2, I jumped right on it! Made it easier, but my life still flashed before my eyes on a steep tricky decent, when I came very close to rolling the huge machine on top of me. PANIC. Clem saved me. The machine was up on the bank on 2 wheels, and I was the 3rd part of the equation to keep it from rolling on me, and it was very close. I think I learned what not to do in the future.
We were pretty tired last night. Saundra and Randy went with us on this trip. We all went to bed before 10 pm. It was fun. I think next time, Brett or Chad should go with dad. You would enjoy it. And you probably wouldn't be such a klutz with the gears.
KIM was hooked. He was actually thinking of BUYING the historic hotel down there, and quitting his job at Novell so we could move there as hotel owners. Until he realized that by doing so he would be too busy to actually go and do what he wants to do by being there-4 wheeling. The guy who owns the place (friends of Pam and Clems) is ready to unload it so that THEY can have time for fun. Because when the weather is permitting, they are always full=busy=can't do anything themselves. Anyway, one way or another I foresee future trips aplenty to Marysvale (150 miles away from here). And for anyone who has $ to invest (Chad maybe?) we know that property values are going to skyrocket down there...we would like to get some ourselves!

Grandpa returns tomorrow to live with us again. Life # 5 about to begin.

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