Saturday, May 05, 2007

Buff now resides in sunny california. It is fun to have her around. It was pretty wierd though: the minute that Buff showed up Kiera started being super fussy and clingy and seemed to be having stranger anxiety. Maybe she is just not used to having strangers at her house because she was fine with buff in Maryland! Wierd. Buff has applied for a few jobs, but we plan on going to the beach before she gets too far into work.


Marilyn said...

BJ, remember your car payment is due, coming up in about 10 days. YOu can't afford to kick back and wait to go to the beach. You better be for interviewing asap.

BUFFY said...

I know mother. I know. I'm going to be going to a few nursing homes to apply for jobs come monday in case it takes a while for the hospital to call. I'm not going to be sitting around.