Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I would like to announce that I am a the proud owner of a Lime tree. I purchaced it yesterday from home depot for $20 (with my $ from the woo study). Limo the lime tree is about 2 feet tall and now lives in a big pot in the backyard. I doubt he will be giving us limes anytime soon, but we have him nevertheless.

Buff got put to work in the yard today. The poor girl is definately earning her keep around here. It's nice to have her around (kiera thinks so too)


Christa said...

A lime tree! That's awesome! I'm glad to hear that you got your money. I hope everyone else did, too.

Kim said...

How long does it take a lime tree to start producing limes? Can you keep Limo in a pot forever or do you need to plant her?

Cambrie said...

Limo is a "semi-dwarf mexican lime" and I intend to keep him in a pot until we move next (in hopes that our next home will be something we own). I've heard of people having lime trees in their houses so I assume it should be fine

Marilyn said...

Good. I am glad that BJ won't be looking at me as her only slavedriver! :)
BJ. Do you have the job? Details, girl, details. I would hope that you weren't turning over photocopies of your SS card if your weren't hired!

Yes, CK. BJ, I and Chad received our Woo checks! Kinda made me wish I coulda done it twice!