Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kiera had a few firsts today I'd like to share-

1. first time drinking from a sippy cup (we gave up with the bottle). Most of it got down her front, but she was definately drinking from it : )
2. First time on the swing at the park-- loved it.
3. first banana- grimaced a first, but then decided she liked it.
4. First time sitting up for 30 seconds (multiple times today)
5. First time putting herself in crawling position (actually, it was yesterday, but today she moved herself a bit buy rocking back and forth and moving both knees forward at the same time.

By the way, her favorite babble is DADADADADADA. she only says "maam" when she is upset.


Chad said...

I think we need video. Of Sippy-cup, DADADADADA, "maam", and swinging. Most definitely.

Kim said...

[Wild applause erupts from Cedar Hills] Go Kiera! Sure, she likes bananas, but I want a video of the first dill pickle! At this rate of progress, you turn around and she'll be wanting to borrow the car.

Marilyn said...

I am with Chad. And while you are sometimes too busy to capture these milestones, you will be glad later that you did. Kim took the time to take video's of the family to send home for our family in Utah to see, and if he hadn't gone to the effort for Them, we wouldn't have them for ourselves now!
Isn't each new milestone a delight? Wish I could see it for myself!!!

Cambrie said...

Yes, I video them all, but it takes way too much time to put it on the internet. So, I'll stick to putting the best ones on