Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tip of the Day - Credit Card Offers
I get sick of the credit card offers & other junk mail I constantly get. I found out today about which allows you to STOP all the credit card offers! I understand it takes 6 months to take effect, but you can do it for life! Think of all the acres of rainforest you will save if you are younger than our aged parents, if you opt out for life. Or, if you're not the tree-hugger variety, think of how much space you'll have left in your shredded trash after the mail comes! You can also do a five year opt out.


Chad said...

Also I learned that is a safe way to check your general credit (you get basics, not the actual score - they charge for that). And it does not damage your credit to check it from this site.

It does ask a lot of questions which makes it hard to actually get the information.

Marilyn said...

Breanna, you NEED to sign up for this! Kim and I did this a few years back, and we don't get nearly as much, but we still do get it. I guess we ought to try again, with the life option! My contribution to saving the rain forest!