Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Another report on Grandpa Groneman. I and Kim went in there (to the hospital) to see Grandpa at 3 separate times today. He is going downhill. He is on antibiotics for the pnumonia, but he sounded and looked worse today than he did yesterday. When I went in at noon, his oxygen tube had come out of his nose, and his breath was gurgly sounding...and he really just didn't even look like Jack to me. I decided that I needed to get the oxygen back where it went, even if it did wake him up. When I did, he opened his eyes and said "oh, hi sweetheart" and then his eyes rolled up into his head with his eyes still open. I asked him how he was doing, but he never responded. His breathing was irregular and very rattlely. NOT looking good. Kim went in a few moments ago, and he described the same thing...Jack recognized him, but as soon as he did, again, the eyes rolled back into his head, and he was non responsive, again. Kim said he would stop breathing for quite a while and then start again. The nurse told him that if he doesn't get any better she would totally bet that the surgeon will not fix the hip. And Kim says if they don't fix the hip, then he would be in favor of stopping the antibiotics and just let the pnumonia take him. I think it would be wise, and what Grandpa would want. It just doesn't make sense to make him suffer through pnumonia, and a broken hip, and rehabilitation, just so he can suffer much more later with cancer! So, we are hoping that the pnumonia will just take him quickly, so he doesn't have to suffer anymore. Still, Kim is really struggling with the emotion of whats happening to his dad. It isn't an easy thing to keep him here and watch him suffer, or to let him go. My prayers are that Dad will be released from this miserable situation, not because I don't want him to move back here (Saundra and I both think that if he lives he will never be able to move back here with his limitations) but because I love him and I want what is best for HIM. Death is what he wants! And for good reasons!!! My mom and dad are both emphatic about the fact that he should be allowed to die, because it is what he wants.
Anyway, I thought you all should know. Hard times to let someone you love die!

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Chad Groneman said...

What can be said? This is tough.