Tuesday, February 06, 2007

$$$$$$$$ So Brigham and I made about $450 yesterday in about an hour. "How did they do it?" you are probably asking yourself. By donating a tiny part of the mucosa from our nasal passages for research. So they essentially yanked out a tiny piece from our noses-- a little uncomfortable (mostly from a social aspect-- having someone peering up your nose and having strings hanging out of your nostrils as the anesthetic numbs them) but it was so worth it! For those of you concerned about how you will finance your trip to Baltimore, we may be able to hook you up if you are willing to participate in some research. Two lucky individuals may be able to participate in the above mentioned study ($200 each-- some bleeding for several hours afterwards)if the it isn't over. Then there is another study that we lovingly refer to as the "woo study." It is very simple. You fill out a questionnaire about your health, woo in a bucket (or turn in one of Kiera's dirty diapers), and get $50 for it! We are very fond of this particular study, too.

Anyway, interested individuals should let us know, and we will try to hook you up while you are here!


Kim said...

I don't think anyone's ever offered me 50 bucks to woo in a bucket before. I thank my lucky stars I'm not the researcher on the other end of THAT study. Hmmm... I don't need money that badly. The nose thing sounds more interesting, but ya know, I'll only have 3 days of fun and games and I don't really want to interrupt it with someone picking my nose.

Cambrie said...

nelsons would have our noses picked and kiera has lots of messy diaper she'd like to sell

BUFFY said...

I'd be interested in the nose one too.