Wednesday, February 07, 2007

News from the home front: Today I went over to babysit my mom while my dad went to the hospital to talk to his dr. about the test results from all his testing that happened about 9 days ago. I knew there was a reason they didn't just call him with the test results on the phone. The Dr says that Dad is a heart attack waiting to happen. He has a pretty good sized bloodclot sitting in the bottom of his heart, which if it came loose and started to travel, would likely kill him. His dad died of a heart attack. So he is scheduled to go in and hopefully they can suck it out, going into the large vein/artery? in the top of the leg up into the heart. He is scheduled to have this done on Feb 22. I think it should be sooner, but he has had the problem already (the pain that made them decide to do the testing) for probably 8 months, so not too likely that 2 more weeks would kill him. But it could. And if it did, then we'd sure be in trouble with my mom!
I guess usually with someone that had that problem they would put them on asprin every day, but he is allergic to asprin so they can't do that. Seems like they could do cumedin (?) or some other blood thinner...but they know what they are doing, I hope. Any comments about the situation Brigham? Suggestions?

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Kim said...

Suggestions? Yea.... Hire 5 body guards to keep him from over exerting himself until he gets to that Dr. appointment 'cuz if he happened to die, you & yer siblings would have a real situation on your hands with having to decide what to do with your monther, or rather having to deal with her when you tell her she has to move out of that house to a care center.