Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well then... I hope I don't get critiqued on this post. I'll be sure to keep it politically correct and I'll mind my p's and q's :

We found a place that we'd really like to live in in Loma Linda. it' only $50 more than our 1bed 1 bath place we just moved from. it's a 4 bed 2 bath house with a 2 car garage, a yard with big trees, and in a fairly large well established neighborhood. We told them that we wanted it and could be moving in as soon as 3 days from now. The only thing is that we still plan on bidding on a bankruptcy house. the court date for the bidding is March 20th, so we might move, and then move again if we get the house. But hey, I wouldn't complain if we get a house for $75 k below market value. We couldn't afford to keep it though so we'd fix it up and sell it at the end of the summer... which would mean moving again. We'll keep ya'll updated

ps Kiera does not like rice cereal-- she spits it out : )


Marilyn said...

I thought that the new medical advise is not to feed infants any solids till they're like 5 months. I always did, cause they didn't say that then, and my kids were always hungry...I saw a blip on that on TV...they said it is thought to cause a higher incidence of Diabetes in kids. Brett was diabetic with no family history of it, so I wondered if they could be right. But then, there are millions of other babies that got an early start too with solids that are fine. So one really never knows.

Kim said...

GO KIERA!!! Spit it out, barf it up, throw it on the floor, get it in your hair (& in your mom's hair). I don't have to clean it up any more!!!!

Kim said...

Oh...I forgot: Liar.