Saturday, February 24, 2007

I thought I would give you all another update. I went into the hospital last night to see Jack. He has alot of people there. Kurt drove in yesterday from Denver to see Grandpa this weekend. Lynettes kids have been there alot, all week as have all Jacks kids of course, and their spouses. And we have seen Saudra's and our kids there too of course. Except BJ who I think will get in to see him when she wakes up from her graveyard shift.
He is still pretty out of things, but is needing less and less morphine. He was awake for probably 1 1/2 hours of the time I was there. But he is really not conversational. With alot of effort, he will answer very simple questions (usually just yes or no questions). He tries to say more than he can get out. 95 % of the time when he talks it is in a mumbled whisper, making it nearly impossible to understand. JoLyn was there yesterday for much of the day, and she said that at one point of the day, she "had to get out of the room, because it was so crowded". Crowded with the unseen loved ones of Jack who have gone ahead. And later in the day, Jack was talking about how Melba and his parents had been there to see him. When his eyes are open, he seems mostly oblivious to our conversations, and if you ask him a question, or start talking to him, he looks as though he had been listening to something else and now he will try to change his focus to us. He is very distant.
I just got a call from Kim. Grandpa is actually talking-not whispering this morning. Still sounds very sluggish, as the effects of the morphine they gave him 4 1/2 hours ago lingers on. But he is conversational, and able to be understood. So that is a great thing! Kim says that he denied the morphine to be given him, and he had the physical therapist come in and Grandpa sat on the edge of the bed for awhile. They didn't try out his walking at all. Just one small step at a time. But things are looking better this morning. He is also completely off his IV, so he is starting to drink, and has consumed about 2/3 of a Boost this morning. So Progress for the day. I am praying that the Lord will guide the situation with Jack. I hope you all are too. I sure love my family, every blasted one of you!!!

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