Sunday, February 11, 2007

Well, we made it. 2 days of working like crazy and now all of our stuff is in the Nelson's garage. It was tough with Kiera around, but I must say that everyone who said it would be harder to move once the baby was born than it would be to move while pregnant was DEAD WRONG. I never could have done that while pregnant.
The elders quorum and missionaries helped us move. We had a big chip taken out of a piece of furniture (gratefully it wasn't one of my favorites anyway), but the terrible thing was that the missionaries bounced our headboard of our $500 bed down the stairs. It was wrapped in our comforter to help protect it, but they bounced it down the stairs. I still haven't dared to take off the comforter and survey the damage (say nothing of what it did to the comforter).
Oh, yesterday while we were cleaning our appartment I had Kiera on her tummy on the floor and she rolled over onto her back. I was surprised, but I put her back on her tummy and she immediately rolled to her back again. We have a tricky daughter.
Well I realized I will be able to blog more than I thought because I have to do my schooling online so I will be using a computer daily.


Kim said...

Smart girl....she wanted to see what was going on! In *every* move we had our furniture got banged up more and more. It seems no matter how careful you are things just get scratched and dinged. are you off to find a place to live? What's happening in that arena?

Cambrie said...

still looking for places. We have a backup plan in case we don't find a place we like better in the next 2 months