Monday, February 19, 2007

More update on Grandpa Groneman: Now they have moved his surgery to Wednesday morning. This is because he has pnumonia, and because the O.R. is so busy-booked until then. But they want to get the pnumonia under control first. It was weird. The intern said the x rays looked good, no problem. The Dr said he didn't know what the intern was smoking, cause he does.
Grandpa did have a better day, after having several hospital employees convinced that he was on his way out of this life last night. They are only giving him 1/2 as much morphine at Kim and Saundra's request, because the full dose does bad things to him.
He's not enjoying this at all, bless his dear heart! And the drugs make it so he doesn't remember much. He didn't remember the Bishop this evening when he went in, nor did he remember that Chad and Brett were there this morning. It is a miserable situation for him, and one that he is altogether too familiar with...having done it so recently with Norma. Keep him in your prayers!


Marilyn said...

Anyone who wants to call him, the # is 855 3480 Room 173

Kim said...

But I wouldn't bother calling as he can't even carry on a conversation with someone in the room let alone on the telephone.