Saturday, February 03, 2007



Kim said...

Benjamin's vote counts as 3 votes. You see, he hasn't reached the age of accountability yet so everything he says is the pure truth...he can't lie. Utah it is! That's a cute little "uh-oh!" from Jacob. He's doing that and crawling much better than when you folks left here. Thanks for sharing these videos. They make me smile.

Cambrie said...

what cute boys you guys have!!! I miss those little guys. That is so awesome that Jacob is crawling! We are so excited to see you guys in 3 more months : )

Marilyn said...

The Blog just ate my comment.Rude! I always wonder when my computer is going to stop hating me!

Darling videos of the boys! Jacob is crawling like a pro! How fun! I hope he is still doing better/not sick.

And we simply have to get some more trains here. I would hate to have it be trains that tipped the scale!!!

give them a kiss from Grandma Groneman and tell em I love them!

Chad Groneman said...

Don't worry Benjamin. I know Utah has Trains. Utah it is!