Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Most Common Groneman Contest-

So far, mom is winning by getting only 10 answers wrong
dad got 20 wrong
chad got 15.

Here is Steve's version of the answers. If you haven't turned yours in yet, no cheating off of steves.

  1. What was the common Groneman sunday dinner in the 90's? Iceburg lettuce, corn left in the microwave, orange rolls (eaten before the prayer), desert (main course)
  2. What are the 2 Groneman family secret passwords? Moo juice & cackleberry
  3. Name 3 nicknames we had for sandy? Dog, here boy, and Razzlefrazzle
  4. In what month was Sandy's birthday? Aug
  5. Name 2 food items hid under the carpet in England? Brett's yummy leftovers, and human remains
  6. What does Christa always get for Christmas? Presents...probably cereal
  7. What nickname did Chad hate? Chat
  8. When Brett was little, how could you tell if he was tired? He'd gnaw on his wrist
  9. Name the 3 most food most frequently eaten on april 11th? Mush, B-B-Qd meat with one slab medium rare and the rest dead as a doornail, Iceburg lettuce AGAIN
  10. Name the circumstances of the greatest ever hole-in-one. Chad, Brett, Cambrie, Steve at Trafalga, 2005 Christmas time, 6:48:32:02
  11. What strange thing was Buffy afraid of as a toddler? Buffalos
  12. What food did Cambrie abstain from for over a year? Chocolate
  13. Name at least one food that Cambrie created (and named).? Schlop--everything tasty put into one big bowl
  14. Name all Groneman children who played in a band and their instruments? Bert- Trombone; Chat- flute; Buff-Flag
  15. What is the name of the special mud boots we wore in England? Flop Flops
  16. What was the only tasty british food? Fish and chips...just the chips though
  17. What were the names of the next door neighbors and the lady who lived across the street in England? Smiths; Mrs. Trumpets
  18. What was our address and phone # of our orem house? 1463 Nostalgia Lane (801) 357-1583
  19. What is the most important food in a haslem family get-together? Orange rolls
  20. what type of candy did grandma Groneman always give us? Candy corns
  21. What did grandpa Groneman always what us to give him when we were little. Monstrous hugs
  22. What movie did we always watch at Grandpa Groneman's house when he lived in Orem? Little House on the Prarie
  23. What was Breanna's favorite show in England (Breanna's terminology)? Sissy Street (Sesame Street)
  24. Name 5 vacation disasters? Disneyworld, Brussles, Washington D.C., Canyonlands, and traveling beyond the point of the mountain...where hardly any Groneman has traveled before!
  25. What did we buy in whales that was especially exciting for us Groneman kids? Hamburgers at McDonalds
  26. What was sandy's favorite tv show? 101 Dalmations
  27. What do you think most Groneman children would name as the favorite family vacation? Colorado...but I'm leaning towards Mesquite
  28. What are the dates of the 3 anniversaries in our family? July 12,2003, Jan 19, 2002 (first date), Feb 27, 2002 (1st dinner at the Groneman house)
  29. What was the exciting conclusion to the book There's a Monster at the end of this Book? There's a mirror
  30. What game did we most often play in the back of grandpa haslem's van? We-know-we're-there-now-so-let-us-out game
  31. What was the school mascot of the Orem elementary school? Onery Owls
  32. Name 3 games we owned for the apple computer: Load Runner, winter olympics, summer olympics
  33. What did Chad call Christa when he was a toddler? Sista
  34. What were the 2 trees in grandma haslems front yard referred to? Tweedle-dee & Tweedle-dum
  35. Name three of our bunnies: Fuzzy, wuzzy, Bill
  36. List 2 friends that each Groneman child had while in highschool (first and last names) Carl & sister Barlow, Morgan (the girl with a guy name), Ryan, Juliette, Ernest, Samantha, Michelle, Mike, and Shane
  37. Why are fire engines red? (just the first line of the answer) Because dogs urinate on things that are yellow
  38. Where did mom and dad go on their first date? Either Sqaw Peak or the H.S. dance
  39. Name two scary things at grandma haslems house? Downstairs, and the front one ever used it!
  40. Name 3 books we used to read as kids: Book of Mormon, board game instructions, and Bunny go home!!!...excuse me, "A Home for a Bunny"


Marilyn said...

perty good STeve, for an implant, especially! Very entertaining too. I wanna know what the winner Gets!!! And I think that I didn't miss 10...I think I will have to correct Cambrie on some of her misconceptions! SO THERE!!! Fun survey...good job punkin!

Kim said...

Yea...I wanna see what Cambrie *thinks* are the right answers. I sent my answers only to Cambrie 'cuz I knew you guys would cheat of mine if I sent them to everyone.

Cambrie said...

I determined that Christa missed 11. I guess the one about Sandy's favorite TV show was a bad question because nobody got it right. I thought it was Star Trek, because he would lay there and watch it through the window with us and we would call him our "trekky".

Mom, you get R-E-S-P-E-C-T. The questions that required multiple answers I counted as multiple points and that it why you miss so many.

Brett and buff are slow to participate

Kim said...

Cambrie, I think you should modify this blog entry and list everyone's responses so we can compare how stupid our answers are next to everyone else's.